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Her en noen videoer hvor du kan få litt om Kangenvann. Vi har også tatt med en film av Dr. Emoto.

Klikk på de fire hjørnene nederst i høyre hjørnet på hver video så får du fullskjerm.

Kangen Enagic Exposed! Part 1.
Mike Petrucelli and Elle Abbott are starting this campaign to tell The Truth about why Kangen machines make the best ionized water and how we can prove it! We expose The TRUTH behind the electrolysis...

Dr Dave Carpenter Competition
Dr Carpenters syn på den beste maskinen på markedet.

Kangen Enagic Exposed! Part 2. Published Endorsements
Only the BEST gets published endorsements by leading world experts and that's exactly what we will show you in series two of our "Fight for the TRUTH"! Enagic makes the best water ionizers on the mark...

kangenvann demo

Her vises en Kangendemonstrasjon

Kangen Enagic Exposed! Part 3. Certifications and Manufacturing Standards
In this video we will expose the truth about Enagic's REAL certifications and also explain how "others" simply make claims on their websites to fool you. It's very common to see knock-off ionizer's w...

heksagonalt vann mikrostrukturert

The Secrets of Living Structured Water

An important introduction to the nature of crystalline structured water as a living, vital,
and enlivinging force that is essential to the health of all living organisms.
Excerpts from Dr. Emoto, The Water Mystery Movie, and What the Bleep Do We Know?!

We are not the creator of this movie, or any of the clips. We are passing along this great public information.
The information is provided under open licensee, public information for educational purposes only.

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